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Volume 4, Issue 2 - Fall 2005

Our Restoring God!
by Ralph LaFlamme

Having counseled victims of sexual abuse, I see the importance of working through the issuesLittle Mom surrounding this assault on one’s dignity and self-esteem. This Summer, Patricia Whalen, who is part of Zechariah Ministries’ core, helped lead a seminar helping women who have been victims of sexual abuse to work through some of the issues that have eroded their self-worth and respectability as a consequence of this abuse.

At the close of the seminar, each participant was given a porcelain doll that resembled them. This had a great emotional impact on many of them, since the doll represented the innocent girl they had not been allowed to be or was the doll they had never had.

The dolls were provided by a wonderfully generous supporter of the ministry, Mrs. Irene Riebe. Several of the ladies who attended the seminar wrote letters of appreciation for having received the dolls. One of them is included below.

My heart was racing with excitement as sister Tricia was passing out porcelain dolls to the women. I was trying hard not to cry or be overly excited. I could feel my heart beating outside of my body. Then Tricia called my name and handed me this box with a precious doll for me inside.

I received her with open arms and much joy in my heart. I was besides myself. I couldn’t get her out of the box quick enough. I am so anxious to see her. One last tug and she was set free from her box and into my arms. I kept staring at her. She is beautiful – whole and pure and she is mine.

Tears continuously flowed down my face as I held her – played with her and most of all loved her. I held my porcelain doll on my lap all through the class.

I laid her in my lap when I drove home – crying, laughing and talking to her. I told her my name, my age. I told her how blessed I felt to receive her. How precious she will always be to me. How she is the first and only doll I’ve ever had.

Just like the Bible says – God will show you and bless you with things you’ve never known. Thank you Jesus.

When I got home, I rushed upstairs to my room with her in my arms. I felt like an excited and happy child. I played, talked, cried, did different styles with her beautiful, long hair. We spent about three hours together. I had no idea how much fun and joy there was in having a beautiful, precious doll of my own.

I told her about myself and my God and Savior Jesus Christ. How my God (Father) pulled me out of the deepest pit of hell. There is no pit so deep that He’s not deeper. He told me He loved me – held me in His arms and filled me with His power, nature and divine love. I told her how my God has taken the broken bits and pieces of my heart and life and made it into a beautiful symphony of love and devotion to Him and others. My Lord is turning my suffering and failures into stepping-stones to fellowship with Him and to walk in His unfailing love, grace, mercy and kindness.

He is the lamp to my feet and the light of my pathway. My Lord’s resurrection power explodes in me and His power keeps me moving from faith to faith and from victory to victory. I told her that He is the potter and I am the clay and how He is able to reconstruct beautiful lives from ruin. That God is transforming my mind, body, soul and spirit. He is making me into a precious, beautiful, pure and whole woman just like my doll, Grace. Yes, I named her Grace.

It is through His grace, mercy and dying on the cross for my sins that I have risen up in His resurrection power and love.

I thank my God daily for my new life. I am a new creature in Christ Jesus. I am so willing to surrender myself – life, body, soul and spirit. I desire to so much more like Jesus Christ.

You have put into my life what God is doing in my life. My doll, Grace, is a constant reminder to me of how faithful and awesome God is.

I extend my arms and heart out to you and embrace you with a warm, loving hug and many thanks for my beautiful porcelain doll. What an awesome blessing.

May God bless your loving and giving heart and your family with much love, joy peace and unity.

A loving servant and warrior of the Cross.

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